Quartz Crystal 1 - Bridge Quartz Point

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This Quartz Crystal is from Brazil and is about 3.5x4cm and weighs 1.4 oz. It consists of a main quartz point with a smaller penetration bridge quartz point. The smaller point has a couple inclusions in it. It has been cleansed and positively influenced with good energy and love.

Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer as it is the most powerful healing stone of all crystals. It’s known as a stone of power and will and can be used with any other crystal to amplify the other stones energies. Quartz brings strength and clarity and is beneficial and harmonizes all Chakras.

**This is the exact Clear Quartz Crystal you will be receiving**

Each Wesley’s Tree of Life item includes a handmade crystal information tag printed on flower seed paper – to plant flowers, just soak the tag for 12+ hours then plant & water daily. Please recycle all other packaging for an eco-friendly shopping experience :)


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