Rhodonite Tree of Life Layer Drop Necklace

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 **This is made to order, your Tree of Life may look a little different than the one pictured**

This XS Rhodonite Wesley's Tree of Life boho layer drop necklace is made with a gold outer ring, gold wire, gold chain and lots of love. Each Wesley's Tree of Life is handmade with care, creating a one of a kind and unique pendant.

For the Choker Size Option:
The most accurate way to determine your choker size is to wrap a string around your neck as tight as you’d like the choker to be. Try not to make it too tight, but I will add about an inch of chain to give you a bit of wiggle room. The Average Woman’s Choker size is 13-14 inches.
The necklace with the pendant will be 18″ long. The drop will be 20"-24" long.

This necklace is made to order, so please give me a few days to make it perfect for you! :)

The Tree of Life has many meanings in different cultures and religions throughout the world. In all cultures, the Tree of Life is a symbol of eternal life and immortality.

Rhodonite is a crystal of self-love, forgiveness and compassion. It is a powerful healing stone for relationships and encourages clear communication. It is beneficial for the Root Chakra (1st) and especially beneficial to the Heart Chakra (4th).

Each Wesley's Tree of Life item comes in a reusable cotton bag. It includes a handmade crystal information tag printed on flower seed paper - to plant flowers, just soak the tag for 12+ hours then plant & water daily. Please recycle all other packaging for an eco-friendly shopping experience :)

xxoo, Wesley

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