Ruby Fuchsite Tree of Life Wrap Bracelet

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**This is made to order, your wrap bracelet may look a little different than the one pictured**

This Ruby Fuchsite Tree of Life Wrap Bracelet is made with lots of love.
Each Wesley's Tree of Life is handmade with care, creating a one of a kind and unique pendant.

Choosing a Style:
Silver with Silver is made with a silver outer ring and silver wire.
Silver with Copper is made with a silver outer ring and copper wire.
Silver with Gold is made with a silver outer ring and gold wire.
Copper with Copper is made with a copper outer ring and copper wire.
Gold with Gold is made with a gold outer ring and gold wire.
Choose between Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black or Ivory Vegan Leather.
**The variation photos are linked to the Style Choice, not all photos are available**

XS Wesley's Tree of Life Pendants are all about 1.75 inches long and 0.75 inches wide. They are all handmade, so it may not be exact measurements, but I try to make them as close as possible.

This wrap bracelet will wrap around the average woman's wrist 5 times, meeting in the back and tying in a bow or a knot (you may cut off any extra string). This wrap bracelet is made to order, so please give me a few days to make it perfect for you! :)

The Tree of Life has many meanings in different cultures and religions throughout the world. In all cultures, the Tree of Life is a symbol of eternal life and immortality.

Ruby Fuchsite is a stone that combines the healing properties of Ruby and Fuchsite into one, making it a great heart healing stone. It helps transform negative energies into positive. Ruby Fuchsite lets you give off your loving and supportive energies.It is a passion stone and healing for the Heart Chakra (4th) while also being beneficial to the Third Eye Chakra (6th).

Each Wesley's Tree of Life item comes in a reusable cotton bag. It includes a handmade crystal information tag printed on flower seed paper - to plant flowers, just soak the tag for 12+ hours then plant & water daily. Please recycle all other packaging for an eco-friendly shopping experience :)


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Katherine Bergh
Amazing jewelry💕💕💕💕

I love everything that I have bout,weather for friends or myself from this amazing soul.All the jewelry she makes is simply beautiful and amazing and well-made and I would recommend any of these items and you will never be disappointed regardless of what you buy the from her shop.She is very on top of keeping you up-to-date when she starts and she finishes your item as well as when she has sends it out.☺️💕👍🏻✨

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